Local news roundups

Energizer Battery Plans to Close Plants in Fennimore & Portage Energizer Rayovac has two production plants represented by Teamsters 695. Energizer is planning on “consolidating”, closing the Wisconsin plants and moving production to non-union plants in North Carolina. “Once they’re closed, then Rayovac Wisconsin is done,” says worker John Jerome.…

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Election Results 2022

The count is now over and the results are in: Wedan-Rademacher 497 to Rebuild695 330 (average). 89 ballots were set aside as automatic challenges because the employer did not pay their dues in full, so they were held off and not counted. According to 695, Certco and B&G Foods were…

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Guest post: Will there be a national strike at UPS?

Joe Allen, former Teamster and author of The Package King: A Rank and File History of UPS, wrote a piece about what’s going on at UPS. UPS is all over the news these days and the Teamsters are positioning the union to strike during next year’s contract. Joe goes over…

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You cannot threaten members

Earlier this week, we registered a pre-election protest and then a complaint with Teamsters Joint Council 39. Why? Because the Wedan-Rademacher slate threatened on their website that if members vote against them, the IBT will retaliate and may dissolve our local union. They write, Mr. Sernatinger has publicly criticized our…

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Last week to vote!

This is the last week to mark and turn in your ballot to make sure it is counted on 10/26. If for any reason you haven’t filled out your ballot, make sure you get it in the mail by Saturday 10/22 to be sure it is counted!

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