What we learned from the IBT Election

I wrote a longer article about what happened in the big Teamster election last year (linked below). Its a lot of looking at the vote counts and explaining what they mean. The long and short of it is that from what happened and the list of people running, it looks…

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Hoffa’s House Divided: The 2021 Teamster Election, Explained

Andy wrote this article on the IBT election for the publication In These Times. All Teamster members will get ballots in the mail beginning October 4th to vote — hopefully this helps inform your vote. An election this November will decide who will lead the International Brotherhood of Teamsters (IBT),…

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Metro Teamster #7

At Metro, we put together newsletters from time to time. There’s a long history of unions putting out their own information at the worksite — these are helpful in putting out workers’ news rather than the bosses. This edition takes up changes in our health insurance, Covid, and the IBT…

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27 Votes Was the Difference

Earlier this year we ran a Rebuild 695 slate to represent our union at the Teamsters National Convention. Usually, the officers of the union run unopposed.We ran to be able to vote on rules for the whole Teamsters union. Results came back early spring: they only beat us by 27…

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