A friend in the local labor movement sent this to Rebuild695 after learning about us. There’s long history in Local 695, efforts to change the unions running back decades, and things that happened that still affect us today. Found it a fascinating read. -Rebuild THE FEUDAL LORDS VS. THE RANK…

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Metro Teamster #11

Inflation means we took a pay cut The 2022-2024 contract voted on in 2021 included raises that were 2.5%, 2% and 2% for each year. In normal times, people are happy with something like 3%. But, the ink was hardly dry on this contract before record inflation took off and…

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Flushing Promises

By Bob S The transfer points were built in 1998 with sewer, water, and electricity.   The original plans were to have toilets installed.  Those promises were flushed, and the money was spent on another project.  Currently, we are being told that Metro has us covered. Trust the process.  I’m feeling…

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What’s going on – April 2023

Some news from around Local 695 again. No One Voted For Our Recording-Secretary The 2022 Local 695 Officer election had two slates. The Whedan-Rademacher slate had David Bruegger as the incumbent candidate for President, and Bryan Rademacher as the Recording-Secretary. They were “duly elected” to those positions after the ballot…

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Local news roundups

Energizer Battery Plans to Close Plants in Fennimore & Portage Energizer Rayovac has two production plants represented by Teamsters 695. Energizer is planning on “consolidating”, closing the Wisconsin plants and moving production to non-union plants in North Carolina. “Once they’re closed, then Rayovac Wisconsin is done,” says worker John Jerome.…

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