Let’s REBUILD 695

We’re rank and file Teamsters in Local 695 running for election together because we want our union to act like a union!

This fall Local 695 will be having our elections for Executive Board, including President, Vice President, Secretary-Treasurer and Recording Secretary. Most members of this union have never seen an actual election for leadership of the union – it’s time that changes.

We refuse to just sit by and let the union get chipped away. We are running a slate called “Rebuild 695” to fight for our union: we want our members to run the union, we want to fight, and we want this local to be a real UNION!

If you are a Teamster in Local 695, get in touch with us! Help us REBUILD our union.

This fall VOTE for the Rebuild slate for Teamsters Local 695.

One thought on “Let’s REBUILD 695

  1. Yes!!!!
    It’s time for a change. Let’s take our union back from the businessmen, and return it to the union members!


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