Election Results (short)

Hey folks, we’ll have a longer post soon but we wanna make sure to get the word out for people eager to hear.

1097 ballots cast, with 73 challenged ballots (flagged by the system for dues payment). The result is 540 for Schultz Slate, 454 for Rebuild 695. The margin of victory was 85 votes, so the election consultant did not open the challenged ballots since they would not have changed the outcome of the election.

Over the weekend we’ll post the full breakdown by office, but we’re very proud that nearly half of Local 695, 46%, voted for Rebuild 695. The incumbents had many advantages and no local officer election had been held in Teamsters 695 since 1998. We gave a very competitive race, and we don’t take the results to mean we were “beaten”.

We are still Teamsters, we are union people. Stick with the union, fight for the union. Today wasn’t our day, but its far from over.

Solidarity, REBUILD 695!