Metro Teamsters: We Want Our Contract Meeting

“Whenever a collective bargaining agreement is about to be negotiated, modified or extended at the request of the employer or by this Local Union, the principle executive officer or business representative shall call a meeting at which the membership shall determine and authorize the bargaining demands to be made.”

Bylaws of Teamsters Local 695, Section 26 Negotiations, Ratification of Agreements, Strikes and Lockouts (A)

The contract at Madison Metro Transit (City of Madison) expired December 31st, 2018. According to our Local Union’s current bylaws, the union was supposed to call a meeting where “the membership shall determine and authorize the bargaining demands to be made.” Nearly a year later, this meeting still has not happened. Members have heard little about the status of the ongoing bargaining; “We’ll tell you when there’s something to know.” At the two meetings we’ve had in the last year and a half, both times business agents declared that we would not be talking about bargaining.

Rank and file Metro Teamsters are circulating a petition demanding that we get the meeting that was supposed to happen BEFORE the contract expired. Members need to be able to say what we want and what we’re willing to bargain to get it. We have dozens of signatures that we’ll submit soon — if you’d like to sign the petition but haven’t had a chance please email and we’ll get you in touch with people who have them.

If you’re a 695 Teamster at another shop and want help putting something like this together, send us a message and we’ll help with what you need.

Have a great Thanksgiving all! Solidarity!