IBT Delegate Election: Vote REBUILD 695

It’s happening: we’re running a slate for the IBT Convention to represent Teamsters Local 695. Every five years, the Teamsters union has a Convention where every local sends representatives to vote on priorities and changes to the union.

WHY DOES THIS MATTER? Delegates nominate candidates for International Union office and they vote on changes to the Constitution that can create new membership rights or take members’ rights away. Hoffa told the media there will be a motion to increase the percentage needed to run for office, which could potentially end future International Union elections if we don’t reject it. We’re running to protect the rights of the rank and file, to vote against rules making it harder to participate in the union. More here from TDU. In August, every Teamster member will get a ballot to vote for the IBT officers, including the general president.

Ballots for 695’s delegates go out in the mail February 18th to all members of our local. Ballots must be returned by MARCH 23rd at 9am to be counted! (Don’t wait, vote early!)

Our slate: Matthew Sarenich, Sonci Stone, Cody Hanna, Andy Sernatinger, Mike Larson, Nikki Sampson, Gary Gilbertson. Vote REBUILD 695!