2022 is an election year – we plan to run

Elections in Local 695 are every three years for officers of the union. In 2019, Rebuild695 ran and had the first contested election in the local in 20 years. The most common thing we heard during the election was, “We get to vote for these guys?” People had no idea that there could be elections for the officers.

In 2019 we ran a full slate for the union’s executive board, and took 47% of the votes cast; Schultz Slate (guys who have been running the union) of course got 53% and kept all the positions. Last year in 2021, we ran in the elections for delegates to the International Brotherhood of Teamsters convention and the margin was only 16 votes. Now in 2022, its time for another election. We intend to run a slate again this year for the union’s officer positions.

How does this work?

  • SEPTEMBER – nominations are opened, and candidates announce themselves for a position.
  • OCTOBER – ballots go out in the mail to all members
  • NOVEMBER – returned ballots are counted
  • JANUARY – new officer term begins. Whoever wins, starts January 1st.

What are the positions?

There are seven (7) officers of the union, who together form the executive board of Teamsters Local 695. The executive board meets regularly to conduct union business, and reviews the actions of the principal officer and business agents. Three positions are full-time paid, doing work as business agents (Sec-Treas, President, Recording Secretary), the other four are for working Teamster members.

  • Secretary-Treasurer (#1 position) – This is the principal officer of the union, runs the union hall, makes decisions on union staff, manages the financials of the union, and ultimately sets the day-to-day policy of the union. Also serves as a full-time business agent for the union.
  • President – Runs the monthly membership meetings and Executive Board meetings. Full-time business agent for the union.
  • Recording Secretary – Takes minutes of the membership and Executive Board meetings. Full-time business agent.
  • Vice President – Acts as president when needed, casts a vote on the Executive Board. (Working Teamster)
  • Trustees (3) – Audits the financials of the union that the Secretary-Treasurer keeps to make sure that they’re correct. Casts a vote on the Executive Board. (Working Teamster)

Please contact us if you have any thoughts or questions, are interested in being part of this election, or want to set up a meeting with our slate: rebuild695@gmail.com