Election Results 2022

The count is now over and the results are in: Wedan-Rademacher 497 to Rebuild695 330 (average). 89 ballots were set aside as automatic challenges because the employer did not pay their dues in full, so they were held off and not counted. According to 695, Certco and B&G Foods were the employers who have this issue. We’re confident that those votes would have favored us.

The breakdown by office is as follows:

Secretary-TreasurerAndy Sernatinger (Rebuild)332
Secretary-TreasurerLarry Wedan500
PresidentCalvin Schmidt (Rebuild)326
PresidentDavid Brugger501
Vice PresidentLarry Bratz (Rebuild)328
Vice PresidentWilliam Roeth499
Recording SecretaryNimber Abdul-Jalil (Rebuild)327
Recording SecretaryBryan Rademacher499
TrusteeBob Sargent (Rebuild)333
TrusteeGary Gilbertson (Rebuild)340
TrusteeCarlo Camacho (Rebuild)324
TrusteeTom Hoffman497
TrusteeCraig Hrubes487
TrusteeShaun Mullikan496

We did not prevail this election. Between 40-45% of members voted for us (can’t know for certain given the unopened ballots).

Its not the result we wanted, but one we can still be proud of. Its a long road, just another bump on the way. Solidarity.