What’s going on – April 2023

Some news from around Local 695 again.

No One Voted For Our Recording-Secretary

The 2022 Local 695 Officer election had two slates. The Whedan-Rademacher slate had David Bruegger as the incumbent candidate for President, and Bryan Rademacher as the Recording-Secretary. They were “duly elected” to those positions after the ballot count. Except they’re not in those roles now. Bruegger retired just after the vote, and the Wisconsin Teamster magazine sent by Joint Council 39 shows the 695 Executive Board being sworn in. Bruegger is not there. Rademacher is now President (he was on the ballot as Recording-Secretary) and Business Agent Rick Roeth is shown being sworn in as Recording-Secretary. Rick Roeth was not on the ballot at all, but is now an officer. Keep in mind this was not a year into the term; it must have been clear that Bruegger had no intention of serving the term, but rather than be transparent about this they kept him on the ballot for name recognition.

Energizer Plant Closures

The Energizer Ray-O-Vac plants in Portage and Fennimore are being shuttered and relocated to non-union facilities in North Carolina. Between the two plants, there are approximately 300 members. The facilities are due to be closed by end of 2024.


Seneca Foods Warehouse Decertifies 695 (This is bad)

28 workers represented by our union, Teamsters 695, voted to decertify the union at the beginning of April. They had a contract through May 2025. The majority of the workers voted to have no union rather than be represented by 695. A real bad sign. This usually happens when people don’t get serviced by the union, their grievances go unresolved, and they don’t see their business agents giving them any attention. Did not need to happen.

National News

US Supreme Court On Teamster Case Threatens Right to Strike

The United States Supreme Court is hearing a case on whether employers can sue unions for damages from strikes in Glacier Northwest Concrete vs International Brotherhood of Teamsters Local 174. Radio program has an interview about the case:


UPS Strike Date Set

IBT General President Sean O’Brien announced that if they have not reached a deal with UPS by July 31st, the Teamsters will strike the company August 1st. Small package delivery in Wisconsin is largely represented by Teamsters 344.