We ordered some t-shirts! If you’d like one, please fill out the form below. $20 for a shirt, sizes L to 3XL. We did an initial run for this week, we can get more if we needed. (If you need a smaller size, please email us at rebuild695@gmail.com )

Espanol: JUNTA 24-08-19

Sabado, 24 de agosto, 2019 a las 10 a.m. CAMBIEMOS EL RUMBO DE NUESTRO SINDICATO! Ven y aprende acerca de nuestro esfuerzo para democratizar la Seccional/Local 695 de los Teamsters, conozcas nuestros candidatos, e involucrate.

Save the Date: Meeting 8/24/19

We’ll have meetings throughout this campaign to get as many people involved as we can. We’re looking for a spot, but we know we’ll have another meeting Saturday, 8/24/19 so save the date! Please feel free to invite other Teamsters and spread the word. Details will be posted as soon as we have them.

Let’s REBUILD 695

We’re rank and file Teamsters in Local 695 running for election together because we want our union to act like a union! This fall Local 695 will be having our elections for Executive Board, including President, Vice President, Secretary-Treasurer and Recording Secretary. Most members of this union have never seen an actual election for leadershipContinue reading “Let’s REBUILD 695”