About Rebuild 695

What is Rebuild 695?
Rebuild 695 is a group of working Teamsters in Local 695 who work together to change the direction of our union. We want our union to be open and democratic and to fight for the members. That means giving members information about what is happening in the union, with negotiations and decisions that will affect working Teamsters.

We ran a slate for Local office in the 2019 election, the first contested race since 1998.

Are you getting rid of the union or our contract?
NO! We are Teamsters fighting to change our union into a democratic union with member participation, so that our union represents us like they should. We are not decertifying the union or any contracts. We want to enforce our contracts, protect seniority and defend our members.

What happened with the election?
Ballots were counted October 25th, 2019. Rebuild received approximately 46% of the 1005 votes. Full results are detailed here, including the election report.

When’s the next election?
Local officer elections are every three years. The current term will end in 2022.

What kind of experience do you have?
We have nearly one hundred years in Local 695 between us. Jake has been a Teamster for 27 years, was the chief steward at Metro Transit, and has been on the bargaining committee for numerous contracts. Andy is a Teamster steward and bargaining committee member now, has organized new unions at previous jobs and is a lead worker in his Finance department. Sonci has decades with 695 and works with numerous community organizations and neighborhood groups as an advocate and fundraiser. Echnaton (Ech) was elected to the Dane County Board, and has written laws and ordinances, oversaw a budget of millions of dollars. Vince has been a trainer and manager throughout his career, and strong workplace leader. Chris served on city committees, dealing with the media and the public, balanced books with millions of dollars for his department at the State of Wisconsin and worked with his union there before retiring and returning to work as a Teamster.

We are serious Teamsters who have built organizations and have a vision for Local 695. We could go on about degrees and resumes, but what’s important is that we know this union could be better and the current leadership (with all their experience) has left us disorganized. We will work with Teamster sisters and brothers to build the union at each workplace in 695, to educate members, train stewards and empower our union to fight for good contracts and defend our working lives.

Are you guys just Metro people?
No. We have supporters across Teamsters Local 695 — this isn’t “just a Metro thing”. We have a lot of people from Metro on our slate because our union has us disconnected from each other. The most important thing is that we can offer an alternative right now, for this election. We want every Teamster involved, and every Teamster we talk to at each worksite says that they’re having similar experiences with no communication, no meetings, no regular votes for stewards, contracts getting worse, etc. We want to REBUILD 695 so that our union is run by members and that Teamsters at each workplace is involved in the decisions that affect us.

Let’s Rebuild 695!